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Understanding UCC and UCC Foreclosure, Part II

Your attorney says you have a perfected security interest in the collateral and you have decided to liquidate. What now? This program will discuss the practical considerations and steps to secure and identify your collateral and ready it for sale.


1. What are the issues that may cloud title even though you have a broad filing against them?

2. How to sort through liens and agreements secured by your equipment and inventory?  

3. How to determine your equity position in an asset on which the title is clouded?

4. What are the factors that may restrict you from liquidating your inventory and equipment?

5. How to secure the premises?

6. How to handle the stockholders, owners, or management of the company?

7. How to interface with potentially hostile employees?

8. How to handle landlord issues?

9. How to identify and take preemptive actions for any of the conditions referenced in the first part of this seminar?

10. How to identify secured collateral and make sure that it can be identified at a later date?