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Workout Strategies and the Design of a Workout Plan

Gregory Bloyd, SVP and Special Assets Manager, Citizens Business Bank

Gregory Bloyd is currently the Senior Vice President and Manager of Citizens Business Bank Special Assets Department and oversees in excess of $220M in assets under management including the assets acquired under a FDIC guided loss-sharing program.   This includes the design and implementation of systems, controls and reporting as well as the implementation of evaluating and mitigating loss under the FDIC share program.  


Gregory Bloyd was Senior Vice President and Manager of the City National Bank Special Assets Department from December 2002 through March 2009 and managed a department that had in excess of $250Million in assets under management of a $15 Billion dollar bank in California and Nevada. Mr. Bloyd oversees and is responsible for a department that manages substandard loans with an emphasis on debt restructuring, turnaround, rehabilitation and liquidation of troubled companies. Duties include managing and monitoring portfolios addressing various legal issues and regulatory concerns until rehabilitation is completed or exit financing has been obtained.   Current portfolios consist of various types of companies including, but not limited to, construction, real estate development, transportation, import-export, servicing and manufacturing.


Prior to his employment with City National Bank, Mr. Bloyd had spent 18 years in the workout/troubled debt arena with First Interstate/Wells Fargo Bank ($550Billion in assets) in both Nevada and California where he managed both portfolios and was a team leader for a workout group. In addition to managing both portfolios and teams of workout officers, Mr. Bloyd designed and taught a specialized accounting course on lending and workout accounting for contractors.


Mr. Bloyd has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Colorado-Denver (Metropolitan State College).  In the late 1980’s, he became part of a special program in which relationship managers were provided specialized training in restructuring and workout of troubled companies through First Bank Systems/U.S. Bank ($228 Billion in Assets).  In addition, he has a very strong accounting background and has passed three of the four parts of the CPA exam in order to strengthen his accounting skills and help further his abilities in the restructure and turnaround arena.  He has also taken graduate level classes in personal income tax and corporate income tax.  



Eleanor Martinez, Special Assets Manager, Hanmi Bank

Eleanor Martinez is currently the Senior Vice President and Manager of Hanmi’s Bank Special Assets Department, oversees in excess of $240MM in assets and responsible for  a department of 18 people. She was hired to restructure the department which included the design and implementation of systems and controls.


Her career in financial services began at the Small Business Administration, Los Angeles District Office, in the Liquidation Division. She later went on to work at Omni Bank, as Manager of Special Assets Dept.  She took a leave from banking and worked at California Institute of Technology as a Program Administrator for several years.  She returned to banking at Citizens Bank where she was Vice President, SBA Department Manager.  She later joined Bank of Commerce/U.S. Bank and from 2000-2009 she was Senior Vice President and Special Assets Manager at Wilshire State Bank.


Eleanor’s career has been intertwined with business, politics and financial services. Prior to her financial service career she worked in retail, manufacturing and wholesale businesses.  She was a political appointee under the Administrator of the Small Business Administration assigned to a White House Conference and at the  Federal Trade Commission she worked in Public Information but was one of two liaisons between the White House and the FTC.



Gregory Meis, SVP and Special Assets Manager, City National Bank

Greg Meis is senior vice president and manager of City National Bank’s Special Assets Department, a position he held in 2000.


Between 2006 and 2009, Mr. Meis served as senior vice president and manager of Credit Risk Review. He also has served as senior vice president and senior loan officer at the bank’s Long Beach Commercial Banking Services office, as SVP and manager of the bank’s asset-based lending unit, and as a vice president and special assets officer.


He joined City National in 1991 following nearly a decade with Lloyd’s Bank California/Sanwa Bank California. His expertise includes special assets, asset-based lending, equipment leasing, commercial lending and credit analysis.


Mr. Meis serves on the Board of Directors of the Special Assets Management Association and the Risk Management Association’s Credit Risk Certification program. He has also had two articles published in the RMA Journal.


Mr. Meis earned a bachelor’s degree cum laude in economics from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California.




Carlos Chacon, SVP Commercial Credit Loan Administration, Union Bank of California


Mr. Chacon is a Senior Vice President of Commercial Credit Loan Administration at Union Bank.  He is responsible for approval and portfolio administration of senior loan and derivative related credit for two major product areas with loan commitments in excess of $9 billion.  Product areas include asset based lending and energy sector loans. Mr. Chacon serve as a voting member of the bank senior loan committee.


He was a Senior Vice President and West Coast Office Manager for ALCO Capital Group, Inc. from 1994 to 1999.  He was the President of Grant County Power Company, a Bank of America subsidiary, from 1992 to 1994. He was also the First Vice President and Unit Manager of the Special Assets Department of Security Pacific National Bank from 1983 to 1992.


Mr. Chacon received his MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1979.