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Understanding UCC and UCC Foreclosure, Part II

Part II


Glenn Bandy, Founder & President, Jay, Cobb and Marley

(800) 304-4769

[email protected]


Glenn Bandy is the founder, President and Chief Appraiser of Jay, Cobb & Marley (JCM).  Founded in 1982, JCM specializes in “inventory” and provides full service collateral consulting to assist in appraisal, risk assessment and recovery of secured liquid assets.  JCM is a premier provider of inventory appraisals, inventory monthly monitoring services and inventory liquidation services to financial institutions and professional organizations, nationwide.


Prior to founding Jay Cobb & Marley, Mr. Bandy had various positions within the asset based lending community.  As a lender, Mr. Bandy was a collector, in-house appraiser, workout specialist, business development officer and credit officer.  Mr. Bandy's last position in the asset based lending community was as a Regional Vice President responsible for credit and operations in the western United States.


Mr. Bandy brings to the table extensive "hands-on" experience as a lender, appraiser and consultant. He has managed numerous turnarounds, workouts and liquidations.  As an appraiser Mr. Bandy has performed or peer reviewed in excess of 1800 appraisals.


Current professional affiliations include membership in the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), the Turnaround Management Association (TMA), the Commercial Finance Conference of California (CFCC) and the Commercial Finance Association (CFA).


Mr. Bandy has given numerous seminars throughout the United States on various collateral related topics and has provided expert witness testimony on a broad range of valuation matters in both state and federal courts.



Steve Quale, President, T/A Appraisal Inc.

(323) 883-9080

[email protected]


T/A Appraisal, Inc. is the appraisal division of Tauber Arons Auctioneers which is a fourth generation family-owned industrial auctioneering company established in 1892 in Chicago and now based in Los Angeles, Ca.  T/A has performed appraisals in excess of $4 Billion in total appraised value.  T/A has conducted auction sales and appraisals in the following industries:  Aerospace, Machine Shops, Sheetmetal, Injection & Blow Molding, Blown Film, Trucking, Construction, Printing, Garment, Woodworking, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Cosmetic, Paper & Cardboard Converting, & Rubber Processing. T/A’s responsibility in its appraisal figures relies on its ability to liquidate those appraised assets by its auction company.  In another words, we are directly responsible for our appraised figures.


Steve W. Quale is the Owner and President of T/A Appraisal, Inc. and the Vice-President of Tauber Arons Auctioneers.  Mr. Quale’s duties on behalf of Tauber Arons are to negotiate auction contracts, purchase and guarantee assets to be liquidated and Mr. Quale is also one of the sale-day auctioneers.  In the appraisal division, Mr. Quale performs the physical appraisal inspection and oversees the final evaluations.  T/A conforms to the USPAP standards and procedures.


Mr. Quale has been in the auctions business for over 40 years, originally with the Milton J. Wershow Co. and for the last 35 years with Tauber Arons.  Mr. Quale is a native Californian graduating from Arcadia High school in 1966 and in 1971 received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Northern Arizona University.


Mr. Quale has been invited and has performed numerous informative speeches at the CFCC Conventions and has presented the same to selected group bank meetings.  Mr. Quale is the writer of the T/A Quarterly Report that goes out to the financial institutions.  Mr. Quale is also partners with Mr. Tony Arons in Industrial Funding Group, who participates with other lead lenders on term loans but only when requested.  Tauber Arons Auctioneers & T/A Appraisal  conduct auctions on a national and international basis.


Tauber Arons Auctioneers and T/A Appraisal, Inc. are members of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA); Accredited Equipment Appraiser of the Association of Machinery & Equipment Appraisers (AMEA); California Commercial Finance Conference (CFCC).